Directed by
Kantarama Gahigiri

Written and Produced by
Carter Roy, Kantarama Gahigiri, Megan Hill

Carter Roy and Megan Hill

Episode Neighbor – 108:
Amy Staats as The Neighbor

Episode Muffed – 107:
Kirk Siegler as The Sportscaster

Director of Photography
Ian Carmody

Editor, Colorist and Titles
Nicholas Ramirez

Music Composed by
Kevin Grossman and James McCaffrey
Football Game – for Episode Muffed – 107
Action Film – for Episode Neighbor – 108
Featuring Oo Wah Hoo written by Kevin Grossman and James McCaffrey performed by Karmic Juggernaut for Episode Pen – 102

Website and Media Marketing
Inna Zeyger

Art Director
Noreen Souza-Bailey

Ignacio Carballo

Script Supervisor
Megan Lombardo

Art Assistant
Zoë Dunn

Make Up
Cailin Kless

Production Assistant
Tilson Allen-Merry

Stickers by
BellBoy Creative

Many Thanks to
Chris Scarafile, Kunal Prasad, Woody Boley
and Chris Collins for Episode Muffed – 107

A project by
Circus Productions


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