Directed by
Kantarama Gahigiri

Written and Produced by
Carter Roy, Kantarama Gahigiri, Megan Hill

Carter Roy and Megan Hill

Episode Exes and Ohs – 201:
Exes in order of appearance:
Beethovan Oden, Brooke Eddey, Erik Heger, Stephanie Wright Thompson,
Kunal Prasad and Quinlan Corbett, Jackie Chung and Michael Barringer

Episode Delivery – 205:
Woody Boley as The Delivery Guy

Episode Baby – 209:
Stranger 1, 2, 3 in order of appearance:
Geneva Carr, Ana Grosse and Chernise Spruell
Caroline Greenfield as The Baby
Amy Staats as The Neighbor
and Atticus as The Dog

Director of Photography
John Gordon Hill

Editor, Colorist, Animation and Titles
Nicholas Ramirez

Music Composed by
Kevin Grossman and James McCaffrey

Production Design by
Noreen Souza-Bailey

Website, Poster and Graphic Design
BellBoy Creative

Steven Julien

Nick Chirumbolo

Script Supervisor
Beethovan Oden

Art Assistant
Marissa Sher

Make Up
Erin Hendley

Production Assistant
Greg W. Locke

Many Thanks to
Kunal Prasad, Mary Greenfield, Daniel Tantalean, Megan Lombardo, Clint Litton and Sheila Iniego

A project by
Circus Productions

Original music by K. Grossman and J.McCaffrey except:

Episode Exes & Ohs – 201
uses royalty free music licensed by
TVThemes – Mr. Natural

Episode Even – 202
uses royalty free music licensed by
Lights of Chicago Jazz Trio

Episode Party – 206
uses royalty free music licensed by
Lights of Atlanta Jazz Trio
Chopin-Waltz 11 in G flat major

and uses these sounds from
Hardtrance beat Tr4ck3r by Tr4ck3r
suonho-rmx_Berklee-BrianTranseau_123 Let Me See Ya Bounce I_crusher way by suonho
Off Bass’N – Progressive Dub Off-Beat Short by FadedShadows
kidsTVtoy by tnickles

Episode Snap – 208
uses royalty free music licensed by

Episode Baby – 209
uses royalty free music licensed by
Front Porch Banjo


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